Today, I wanted to go to…

Istanbul Tampines to taste their famous nasi lemak. I saw the long queue before (fyi-the dosai and mee bakso/beef ball are yummy!) and thought I will beat them today. I woke up early and left as early as I could…but then… i got fickled midway upon reaching there…

I decided to take a look at the RASA 21 food court.

Boy, was I attracted to the wide array of food stalls. And most of them are opened except western and chicken rice stalls. (Sorry, Istanbul, next time perhaps…)

Anyway, at 201D before the renovation , it used to be a coffeeshop. And there used to be a nasi padang stall and it had one of the best rendang. And most of its customers are chinese. i wonder where they go? (anyone?)

rasa 21 food court (similar to banquet concept)
(all halal!!)
Blk 201D tampines

So , spoilt for choices, I procrastinate to order. Not knowing what to order, everything looks so salivating! I decided to go for “comfort” food..Porridge. Had some fresh bouncy fishballs and soup from sedap noodle stall , some peanut kaya bread and prata made by chinese lady. (not bad!)

Opening hours for this stall: 6am-3pm

Porridge was nice…they have many flavours. One that intrigue me is the cuttlefish with peanuts. Had never tried that before. But i asked for the most popular porridge and was told its the chicken porridge with egg and yuetiao .And they used a mini-wok to serve the porridge. It’s a generous serving for only $2.80 (so cheap!). The porridge is of thick congee. They used similar pot for cooking the porridge just like my favourite chicken porridge stall here:
(but for this porridge stall in Geylang, make sure, u request the man to cook for u! I’ve tried tasting his assistants’ cooking but it’s not as good as his…)

But u might need to wait 5-10mins because its porridge are popular with the customers.

The prata came with a curry that tasted more creamy like in “lemak” (coconut gravy) than the indian curry. It’s different and mild.
The peanut butter kaya bread is soft but I prefer it to be more toasted. The taste is ok. The kaya cannot really taste because either too little or taste is extremely mild.

Seriously, if u need a wide choices of food for breakfast, come here…. I came out with a full tummy and a smile on my face. It s good start for the day….

P.s: There is another Mr Teh Tarek coffeeshop nearby …..hmm…

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5 thoughts on “Today, I wanted to go to…”

  1. U must try the hokkien me. I nvr get sick of it. U can simply help urself with more sambal. U’ll love the taste esp. if u mixed it with the hokkien mee.

    Regarding the Teh tarik stall.. I was disapointed with their mee goreng. The taste was as if they fry it with a pre-made gravy for the tulang. It was tasteless.

    U shld go to bedok reservoir market near 600 plus to try their mee kuah and rqst for xtra spicy. They will cook for u on the spot. The gravy is thick and really spicy. Not many ppl noe of this location.

  2. Anonymous-thanks for the information!

    Ryan-Cheese crab..ooh that is different…thanks for informing!

    ANonymous-I love Mee KUAH…Yeah the hokkien mee was tasty!Thanks for the tip!

  3. Rasa 21 is no longer there. It has been replaced by Al-Azhar. There is one stall selling congee but only 1 type.

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