Nuggets made with real chicken meat!

These are found at NTUC supermarket. I went to try it out and BOY! It was YUMMY! Instead of the normal minced meat, it was thick real chicken meat! Not only the kids, the parents will fall in love too. Aside from the creative shapes its in like for e.g aeroplane, heart,star… it can be a healthy snack too because u can oven baked them! Yipee!

So what are you waiting for?!!!!

p.s: each pack is about 13 pcs per box (cost about $3+), it might be pricey for some, but just try lah, chicken nuggets will never taste the same again after u taste this!

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2 thoughts on “Nuggets made with real chicken meat!”

  1. It is true! I came across them in Jan. They come in dinosaur shapes and in heart and star shapes too! Very delicious! Caution : Maybe too salty for those who have low salt tolerance. That’s what my Mum said. Salty!

  2. greetings,
    may i know the way to the charcoal chicken? where is it located? and i am travelling by bus..thank you.

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