Nasi Lemak @Marine Parade

This nasi lemak stall is recommended by one of the readers (Thks!) And it was also featured in Makan Sutra.

Nasi Padang
Blk 84 Marine Parade Central
(Hawker centre is beside Parkway McDonalds)
opening hours:7am-1pm
(closed on Mon/wed only 2X a month)

Okay, on Saturday 3/8/08…
I reached there 10.43am exactly. I was supposed to come early in the morning but I stop by Macpherson to take a look at “Nasi lemak kukus” (steamed nasi lemak) but it’s Kopitiam was in renovation works.

Anyway, went to Marine Parade central. I saw this big Nasi Padang sign board (beside shenton way mee goreng stall) and saw many empty plates at the display. “Oh no!” (I’ve read that it’s so popular that they normally closed around 12/1pm. So will it closed earlier on weekends?) Hmm, am i too late?

Luckily, this man came and tell us to wait for few minutes. Or we might have left in disappointment because it was empty! There wasn’t any chicken, nor rice…

5 mins later….

About 5 minutes later, a new batch of nasi lemak rice and chicken wings and fish were cooked and soon, there was a stream of people queing up. Most of the extra side dishes like sambal sotong and sambal petai (stinky beans) are GONE! I saw many “tapow” home many packets….

Anyway, as I put a spoonful of the hot piping fragrant nasi lemak , I felt that I’m back in my schooldays. It tasted as good as my primary school nasi lemak! I’ve been transported to the good old days… I love the rich coconutty nasi lemak rice!

The chicken wing is yummy!, the fried fish (very crispy that u can chew the head off!) , The sambal is nice not too sweet, not so spicy…just nice. Total cost is about $3.50+

I was looking forward to the sambal sotong and so my partner repeatedly kept asking the man whether the sambal is so yummy that it is popular with the crowd. The man asked us to come early next time.And he actually gave us the sotong sambal (leftovers sambal without the sotong) free! And there is a woman who actually give me some tips to cook the sambal for half a kilo of prawns. So generous with food and recipe! And the man was very friendly. Felt so at home.

Oh by the way, the sambal sure is tasty! Hmm, need to get there early…perhaps after Subuh prayer? hehhe…

As for the drinks….
Can u see many seniors drinking at this stall? Then I assume it must be good! So I ordered the teh tarek and teh halia. Wow! love the teh halia! My partner love the teh tarek….

Or u can order lemon lime juice… (but later make sure u know where the toilets are!hehhe!)

So after this , u can go kai-kai or jalan2 , have a stroll at the nearby East coast beach…

Makan Sutra review on this place:

fyi-There was a famous chinese nasi lemak stall (non-HALAL) beside this stall.I saw the accolades being displayed , I think it was featured in Channel 8, Foodie..something…but the queue there wasn’t as long…hmm…

p.s: Seriously, is this our President’s favourite teh tarek stall? Hmm….found by chance…

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  1. Honestly, to me the rice is not really that "lemak" so the rice is a bit disapponting to me BUT the fact that they have a variety of dishes to go along … that's is cool and YES the sambal sotong is nice…. especially since I am very particular about my sambals

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