Hakka Niang doufu

Dajie Niang doufu
Clementi ave 2 #01-253
Block 354.(near/behind Darussalam Mosque)
(2 shops away from the Evertop boneless chicken rice)

This eatery was featured in the Malay newspaper..

Anyway, this is the first time, I ‘ve tasted Hakka Yong taufu. They were fried again (including the bittergourd) the seaweed and the button mushroom which were either soaked in soup or steamed. And then dollops of special sauce (like ampang sauce but milder with minced chicken meat) covering the fresh hot piping fritters.

Very tasty indeed. Very different. The soup is sedap!

More shots from fellow food blogger:

p.s: f u wonder why I ate so little for this doufu set (actually shared with another person), its because I’m saving the rest of my tummy space for something next door….heheh! To be continued…

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  1. hi hi. you can also try hakka and ampang yong toufu at Bagus Yong Toufu along Changi Road (beside Muhammadiyah). It originated from KL. Open everyday till 10pm. delicious. =)

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