Fong Seng Nasi Lemak

Though I won’t have the chance of conducting a nasi lemak tour, I thank each and ever one of u for giving me lots of tips on Nasi Lemak!

Seriously, I’m not really into nasi lemak. I dunno why, maybe nasi lemak is associated with fattening (in my mind) or its just coconut milk that I’m trying to avoid…hmmm.

But once in a while, I might crave for Boon lay nasi lemak with chicken drumstick or Selera fragrant Basmati nasi lemak rice (adam road).

So at least, from this, my knowledge on nasi lemak places has broaden , thanks to the wonderful readers’ contributions….

131 Bencoolen St S189639
Time: 0700 – 0400, Off on Alt Sun
Owner: Mr. Brandon Foong
Outlet: 67741429

another branch:
22 Clementi Rd
Singapore 129751
Tel/Hp : 67757853
Fax : 67745194

The breakfast menu….

When it first started out, an NUS student told me about this years back. The one branch they had was near the university (beside the famous cheese prata shop) but now they have another branch near the city centre.

It was a rave back then because this is the only nasi lemak that u can have many side dishes.

What I had was the fried drumstick , mackerel (boneless like sardine but tasted teriyaki) and otah (good!) and my friend had the egg, fried chicken wing, ikan bilis (anchovies), fried peanuts and the elongated thingy is actually a fish cake with seaweed and crab stick fillings.

Verdict: Overall it’s ok.Rice is fragrant. The sambal is more sweet than spicy. I like the idea of having fried drumstick with nasi lemak rather than the typical chicken wings (I find that its too skinny hehe!)

The fried chicken and most of the others tasted more teriyaki as compared to malay nasi lemak fried chicken which is normally marinated with spices . I prefer the latter. Anyway, this is still a good place where one can have many choices of other things to complement ur typical nasi lemak…

And I wished that the nasi lemak is warmed or perhaps, steaming hot…. A bit cold…

As for the price, its ..about $4-$5+ per person (inclusive of drinks)

p.s: Ah that reminds me, someone told me about Golden shoe’s nasi lemak with drumstick (Is it still there? That used to be my favourite and it was manned by indian muslim. Hmm…)

Just in case if u want to reminisces my past postings:

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