Updated: This restaurant is no longer around.

This restaurant is located at Anchorpoint(opposite IKEA Alexandra)
Map: http://sg.shownearby.com/places/23gnf-5t/ikea_alexandra/map
Halal-certificate is displayed.

The menu : Pasta, stew, pizza, burgers, waffles , ice-cream, smoothie…

This is a great place for families with small kids. The food choices are limited but I do like the pizzas!! (its their specialty!)The crust is soft , very much different than the typical pizza crust. And the toppings are generous. And its cheap for about $15 , can share amongst 2 adults and 2 small kids.

Tried the beef stew, not bad but I think if u walk a bit, u can get the real deal at Secret Recipe “Lamb stew”!!! (Few shops away only). Almost all food comes in the shape of mickey mouse. So if u like Mickey, come on down!

It’s a bit weird. When u enter, they will seat you like a restaurant but then later u need to get up to the counter and order like in fast food restaurant. But the prices are like in restaurant. And u need to get your own cutleries, serviettes ,chilli flakes/cheese…

The waffle is too small but its’ freshly made and I like the strawberry ice-cream.

Pros: large screen for watching disney movies while enjoying the food, freebies like colouring pictures, stickers and balloon given to every child. 2 computers are provided with games.Love the colourful decor…

Cons: The place is small, limited pc or area for kids, not much variety in food , self-service (Disney is well-known for its customer service and hospitality thus I expect them to take our orders, rather than we go to counter and order and pay and we need to get our own cutleries and stuff,it’s tough for those with many kids…). The food are not so filling and some are expensive.

They really should have more choices of food for the parents/adult servings because the kids are mostly busy playing rather than eating.

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