Chilli Crab in Newton…

Heng heng BBQ seafood (Stall no 31)
Newton food centre

Psstt… I overheard a stranger’s conversation that the Heng Heng BBq seafood has one of the best Chilli crabs and lobster (Is it expensive?). I wonder whether it is HALAL….

They also participated in the chilli crab campaign when the whole nation launched the food festival. Hmm, chilli crabs..

But isnt the food expensive ?One crab cost about $30…but if it is heavenly, then why not?

Anyone care to share? Or perhaps, where is your favourite Chilli crab stall/restaurant?

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2 thoughts on “Chilli Crab in Newton…”

  1. If we go to Newton Food Center, we always like to eat at Lucky Seafood. The stall location is not far from the Restroom. They are Halal. Dont forget to try the chilli crab, tiger prawn, stingray, and fried rice.

    By the way, BottleTree Village in Sembawang has opened its Halal Seafood outlet on 2nd floor of the restaurant (with separate Halal kitchen on 2nd floor). You can give it a try too.

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