Balestier Food centre halal?

I often pass by this place and wonder why no one renovated this old hawker centre and then TA-DA! My wish was granted and then this time, I saw a small logo “BANQUET”? My heart leapt with joy and so I searched in the Banquet website, nothing was mentioned about it.

I saw Satay stall, beef brisket stall, 717 durian stall ….. (as the SBS bus wheeze by, these are what I can see and remember from the window) And so I searched more about it…

Perhaps I will investigate when I’m free or perhaps, I’ll wait till there are news of them being HALAL…

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2 thoughts on “Balestier Food centre halal?”

  1. Yes it’s true that Balestier Market is now under Banquet (stated in the issue 07 of Banquet magazine) but the food stalls are divided into Halal and Non-Halal section and it’s 24hours.

  2. You’re right, Balestier Market is under Banquet. But not all stall carries the HALAL certificate. Make sure you see the HALAL certificate before ordering.

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