Anyone been here?

Always pass by this place after class. Often it was packed with families in the evening and night…

Anyone been here? Care to share experience?

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5 thoughts on “Anyone been here?”

  1. i did nt buy the puffs there bt at Tiong Bahru Plaza instead which had a branch (same company).

    bought their 4 durian puffs at $3.50 and just ate 2 as the durian filling is really potent ! they use real durians with no fillers at all. wonderful if u love durian but note that it is just as heaty as eating normal durians…

  2. Yes, the durians are great. Dad bought some home in foam boxes and they are bitter yet sweet. Juicy, 😀 Try It!

  3. the durians are good…. I stay near the cafe and the roads are always jammed with cars parked on the roadside… esp during weeknds but the durian sellers knows their durian very well indeed. I’ve asked for bitter sweet and tht’s exact wht i got. Just specify wht kind of taste u want, and you’re in for a great surpise. But be warned of the road congestion.:)

  4. Th durians were great! My parents bought 8kg for $140!! I didnt even know tt durians are tt expensive.
    No doubt it is th best durians Ive ever tasted though!!!

    I live nearby and th place is super crowded during th weekends. Traffic police keep on coming too. So better be extra careful coz theres no parking space and you might kena saman if you park by th main road (still road)

  5. i wanted to get the cheaper durians as i drove past… but once i get there, the sellers keep asking me to get the more expensive ones instead, to the point of blocking me from seeing the cheaper ones they ‘advertised’ nearer the rd.

    i was kinda pissed actually. nearly walked out and went home till they eventually gave me a very good discount on the expensive durians…

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