Where is your favourite nasi lemak stall?

I believe that on this tiny island, there are many more nasi lemak stalls in Singapore (aside from those famous ones like Changi, Boon Lay Power, Adam road..) that has not been discovered yet.

So, please share with me your favourite unique hang-out place for HALAL Nasi lemak.


P.s: Please include the hot favourites in their menu! Thanks!

29/7/08 -Putri: Hey ! Thanks for all those wonderful tips….

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8 thoughts on “Where is your favourite nasi lemak stall?”

  1. It isn’t really a nasi lemak stall. It’s just a small shop at Admiralty Place called Yummy’s choice (if i’m not wrong.). You may have heard of it.

    If you’re looking for cheap yet good quality nasi lemak, this shop sells it for only $1.30 (the last time i bought it, that’s the price. May).

    Usually for small snacks and take-aways. I like the rice. The taste isnt too strong .. nor is it too bland. The sambal is good too.

    If you think that small packet is too plain, den top it up with popcorn chicken or cheese sausage or the YUMMY bbq chicken wing.

    Not too sure if it’s selling nasi lemak on behalf of other “popular” shops but doesnt seem like it.

  2. Hi Putri

    I tried the nasi lemak from the “Nasi Padang” stall at Marine Parade Central. It was tagged as sensational by Makansutra.
    You can taste the lemakness of the nasi lemak and the rice is not lumpy. I guessed they used basmati rice and that could be the reason why it is pricier than the other stalls. The samabl is nice, not too pedas nor too sweet. Constant stream of customers, you won;t be able to miss it as there is always a Q.

  3. there’s a nice nasi lemak stall at Instabul? Its at ave 9/st45 there,the rice is aromatic and the sambal is excellent.

  4. hi putri!

    i like the nasi lemak at golden shoe. tasty, and the sambal is just right for my taste bud, not so sweet and not that spicy. try it! its on level 2 golden shoe hawker centre.

    and the best part is, it’s only $2.50 – rice, sambal, ikan bilis, kacang, omelette, and sizzling out of the wok hot chicken wings!

    super cheap and nice!

  5. There’s this really nice nasi lemak in yishun, near to the yishun mosque, darul makmur. the coffee shop is called “syed restaurant”.

    The rice is really fragrant and lemak. And it is MUST to eat the nasi lemak with the deep fried chicken!.

    i think 1 plate is about 2.50.

  6. Hi, you can try going down to Blk 495 Jurong West Street 41. There is a food court. Here there is a Muslim stall selling nasi lemak and other items. There is always a long quene.

  7. im kinda late for this but anyway,

    1) Lee Wee Brothers. they hv outlet at ck tangs(basement) & tampines mall(basement)…i love the otah(spicy!). they hv delivery too but min 20boxes(check out their web http://www.leeweebrothers.com)

    2)Qi Ji – nice sambal!

    3)Blk 134 Bt Batok West Ave3(my fav!) – the nasi padang stall, but nasi lemak oni available during morning(v fast finish). its a coffeshop full of Muslim owners(Prata,Noodles,Nasi Ayam,Western Food etc)

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