Physalis fruit, have u seen it?

Oopps, I did a mistake. 2 readers corrected my mistake.(Thk u Jan Sundström & Anonymous!)

I read the label as gooseberries and mistaken it for gooseberries.Heheh! Sorry…and thank you..(I learnt something new from u readers everyday!Yipee!)

Anyway this is Physalis.

So here it is..It has some citric sourish flavour like the orange+it burst out some fragrance and flavour (like passion fruit)as u bite it and its body is as cute as cherry tomatoes.

I found this by chance @ Giant (Turf city branch). $3.50 per small box of about 12-16 pieces.

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3 thoughts on “Physalis fruit, have u seen it?”

  1. Jan Sundström

    Dear Backpacker Mama,
    I am so sorry to disappoint you but the fruit shown in this posting are not gooseberries – they are physalis or sometimes called CAPE GOOSEBERRIES. The real gooseberries are grape-like in shape, colour and size, green or sometimes have a tinge of purple in some species.Most importantly, they do not have the leafy outer casing. I have not seen any in Singapore's supermarkets, even the fancy ones – yet.

  2. This is a member of the nightshade family and is related to tomatoes and tomatillas. They originate from South America and are common on the markets of Peru, where I first encountered them.

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