Oh, how I miss those beef noodles !!

Today, I have a GREAT craving for Singapore Chinese style beef noodles!!!

Its’ not the clear broth beef noodles that is similar to Thaksin or Thai/Viet Beef Pho but instead those rice noodles flooded by thick gooey dark-coloured beef gravy (dry version) and spicy dollop of sambal with lime and lots of thin slices of beef meat….. *Drools

The last time I ate them was at stalls in Banquet Parkway and Jurong point . But they either close or change the menu because its not a favourite amongst malays (so I was told by the owners). The only one left is Clifford centre banquet but tasting them there is as good as not tasting it (watery and tasteless)…so any ideas where I can find Halal beef noodles, anyone?

Fyi-this is the picture of the beef noodles (recipe) that I’m searching for….

If u want to try cooking it, just remove those non-halal ingredients or replaced them with HALAL ones. Happy cooking! Err, I think I have a go at it too!heeh..

http://www.newkatongbeefnoodles.com/newsarticle.html (how come this one uses milk and peanut powder? Hmm..)

Anyway, while searching, I found some interesting Singapore food recipes site:

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5 thoughts on “Oh, how I miss those beef noodles !!”

  1. Hi,
    There’s a halal beef noodle stall at Toa Payoh Fork & Spoon, they sell really good spicy beef noodles, in my opinion. I’m not sure whether it’s the exact one you are looking for, but you might want to check it out. (ask for spicy beef noodles, dry) I forgot the exact name of the stall, I think it’s “H.K. Noodle” or something like that. It’s beside the stall selling Japanese food. While you are there, you might try the Teriyaki Don at the Japanese stall too! Enjoy! (:

  2. Should try the Hong Kong beef noodle at Toa Payoh Fork n Spoon. It’s different from the SG beef noodles but nice. Ask for the dry ones, the soup type is too blend. Recommend the tendon beef noodle dry (egg noodle) all guweiy yummylicious.

  3. Thanks! U are indeed right. I had those succulent beefy noodles before. They were different but definitely yummy! The tendon beef is chewy soft. Love it! Teriyaki DON? Hmm, sounds interesting…

  4. elo kak, CLifford Centre banquet have that starchy beef noodle, tat you can choose beef bola ke tendon ke sliced beef ke mixture of all then topped with daun sup, salted veg, limau-a-must, garlicky chilli sauce for dipping, Alhumdulillah. u will faint after tat . . ke ke ke . . its my fav dish.

  5. Abd Rahman Md Desa

    I have never been to Singapore, is it easy to get halal foods. sure it is.I suppose.

    Abd Rahman


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