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Nilai 3 wholesale market

Still in Negeri Sembilan…

I wander to the makciks’ corner. I went to Nilai 3, one of the largest wholesale market in Malaysia. Mostly textile shops, carpets, rugs, flowers and decorations and lots more. It’s too big for me to venture into each and every one but I’ll do my best…

For all those beloved makciks and pakciks out there….and those who wants to prepare for Raya season..(not being kiasu but some people really plan ahead)

For me, I didn’t buy much…just 1 or 2 items.

U can listen to others crooning @ Karaoke corner while u enjoy the food at the foodcourt.

Ok , for food choices….there are many but…I dunno, u have to be there to see the food premises …anyway, I chose fruits and fried fritters today.

Care to try DUKONG?!!= duku + langsat (Thks Anonymous 4 correcting me!) …supposingly sweeter. To me, its okay. I prefer langsat. If only they were seedless…

RM5-8 per kg.

Fyi -There is also Nilai 1 and Nilai 2….

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2 thoughts on “Nilai 3 wholesale market”

  1. dear sis, hehehe its DUKONG (duku + langsat) la sayang… DUGONG tu haiwan…btw i really luurrveee ur blog..lagi2 tgh nk lunch..hehehehe

  2. wow banyak gambar 🙂 memang nilai 3 adalah tempat yg best sekali utk beri barang. izinkan saya kongsi infor tentang nilai 3 di sini utk semua pembaca…
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