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Kunyit Durian?

When i first heard about its name “Kunyit durian”, i said “eeeww”…If u wonder why….

Kunyit is another name for tumeric. Yes the yellowish powdery form used in marinating chicken, cooking curry and stuff. So u can understand why such combination will create a yucky feeling…

But I try it anyway…hehehe…out of Curiousity ….

One medium size durian about RM20.

VERDICT: Not so sweet , a bit bitter but nice bitter, very creamy like butter and fleshy too with small seeds. I dont taste any tumeric in it…but overall SATISFIED! Sedap!

Err, there is another durian called” Kucing tidur”..(sleeping cat), I think these durian sellers just came out many creative nicknames for their durians to lure in more customers….

So, sleeping cat…next time perhaps….

Location: Night Bazaar (saturday only) @ Port dickson, Seremban.

This is one bazaar that is the closest to Ramadhan Bazaar. U can have anything and everything under one roof. And many varieities of food too! Very packed. Closes at 9pm onwards.

Feast ur eyes…. (videocam pics)

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2 thoughts on “Kunyit Durian?”

  1. she went on and on and on and on

    hi putri!

    love your blog, always make me hungry looking at your pics, thus making me wanting to go out and try 😀

    anyway, refering to thi post, i was wondering, did u stay at a hotel? if so, which hotel?

    beause i’ll be going there with the family in 2 weeks and am now looking for good hotels to book.

    hope you could reply asap, thank you so much!

    continue flogging!

  2. Hi “she went on and on”, THANKS! I did not stay at Port Dickson, I was just passing thru. I think I was on a budget roadtrip,so most probably I stayed at the Highway hotel near Seremban. I saw the beach,it looked so beautiful when the sun sets.Anyway,have a yummilicious holiday !Remember the bazaar is on SATURDAY only.

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