JIMMY who??

Is this Jimmy? This poster is almost life like…

Jimmy Yummy
21 Hougang street 51
Hougang Green Shopping Mall

(Click on image to view enlarged image of the menu.)

This was recommended by a reader. (Thks Anonymous!)Hougang Green is situated near the Institute of Mental Health. Anyway, we went one big round to find the shop , not knowing what to expect. And at last we found out that the restaurant/cafe is right in front (near Long John Silvers.

I like the clean fresh look of the restaurant. Though it is small and look like a Fast-food restaurant, it looks cheery ,friendly with a personal touch.

Anyway, did not know what to try. Everything on the menu looks appetizing! We ordered red bean dessert with ginko, mango ice ($2.50 only!!), Rosti with large hotdog (longer than typical spoon) and cream and beef lasagne (I seldom order lasagne because too cheesy but the pic looks so yummy! that i cannot resist..)

The rosti is actually shredded potatoes (stick together like hash browns) pan-fried which originates from Switzerland. It was actually farmer’s common breakfast.

I find that the potatoes are not as well-cooked as I like it to be (cooked but firm not soft) in lasagne and rosti but probably it’s supposed to be that way..hmm..

Desserts please…

Typical mango dessert would cost about $6-$8 but this is AFFORDABLE!

(This red bean dessert tasted like melted red bean (tau sar) buns fillings. If u like that, then this is for u…)

Verdict: I love the food and its affordable price tag: The yummy long chicken hotdog, coleslaw,lasagne (not too jerlak/muak) and expecially the mango ice .

The staff are friendly and some chinese staff are fluent in malay. Will come back for more….insya-Allah.

I saw a lady customer eat a burger so juicy that it drips (somewhat like Carls’ Jr burger that I had in KL)I nearly ordered but tummy want to burst! heheh!

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2 thoughts on “JIMMY who??”

  1. Hi Puteri,

    My name is Nora and I'm an Assistant Producer for the show FYI ( airing every Friday 8.30pm on Suria).The producers of FYI would like to invite you to give a 'nasi lemak' tour. Is there any way that I can contact you and we can discuss about this? Please email me at farhain07[at]yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks!


  2. hi putri!

    went down to jimmy yummy for the experience but left feeling very disappointed. the rosti was so-so.my gf ordered the lasagna it was a disappontment.brought home some teriyaki burgers for my family to try.it was so salty!!

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