Hot spring water that freshen ur eyes…

Sembawang hot springs

Location: along Jalan Ulu Sembawang

Opens 7am-7pm.
No nearby carpark (nearest is about 5-10mins walk)
Go early during weekends, many people came with families. Chairs might not be enough.So bring ur own foldable chairs/picnic mat..hehe!

I’m still in the mood for hot springs and spa….

Previous postings were on hot springs of Malaysia. It can be unreachable for some readers. But do not despair, I had recently covered a local hot spring. (Yes, its right here in Singapore!!) And its FREE!!!

Heard lots of negative reviews back then in my youth. Some said not hot, cannot boil eggs..and stuff. But I just went there last weekend..and boy! Was I shocked!

Though it’s not so accesible.. I think it’s worth it! But a word of caution, if u read my old reviews about Malaysia hot springs and expect Singapore’s one to be much better…..erase those thoughts..

When I arrived, 100% of the visitors are chinese( I think not many malays are aware of the benefits of the hot springs) They are having a really jolly hot and fun bathing day. Some are massaging their leg, arms , some poured those hot water on their body and some even soaked in those “plastic blue tall waist deep container” like a standing bath tub.

The actual hot spring well…

Anyway, I cannot really see the actual hot spring well, it has been cordoned off. But no worry, U can get those hot piping steamy water from the taps provided.

I was told by the other visitors, that the temperature is about 40-70 degrees. Some pipes are hotter than others. I wonder how they can soak partial body?? Maybe they are used to it or they have waxed skin. I felt my legs melted away when I soaked them in….hehhe!

Hmm…anyway, the trick is to slowly immerse a part of ur body little by little then as your body get used to the heat, it wont be so hot anymore. The temperature is similar to the Pedas hot springs.And the water smells like boiled eggs (Probably due to the sulphuric content)

Anyway, 2 of my travel buddies have sight problem. Since we only spent about 1hour there, we only tried soaking our feet , arms and splashed some into our eyes, no chance of bathing (the other visitors bathe in their clothes). Thus they both tried washing their eyes in those sulphuric hot water (but wait till it cool down first) . They felt that they can see better and the vision became clearer. Alhamdulillah, the beauty of nature.

One of them even bottled some home for repeated treatment of the eyes. Who knows, maybe one day, insya-Allah…no specs needed. I’m just sharing my friend’s experience( if u want to try it, try at ur own risk..)

My experience: Though there is no amenities. All that were provided for are pails and chairs. No toilets, no changing rooms…I find that this hot spring is very hot and its GOOD! It helps remove those tired limbs. Refreshing and rejuvenating. If u want to soak urself like in a bath tub, bring ur own bath tub! hehehe!The place is spacious , a vast empty piece of concrete floor. (who found this hot spring ?) (more pictures)

So what are you waiting for? This can be a healthy family outing.Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a whole day there! All ages are welcome! (Dont forget to ta-pow some water home!)

The nearest HDB carpark is near…

p.s:The other hot springs is in Tekong (well good for those NS men stationed there!

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