Good mutton soup and mee kuah!

Yusoff Mee, Kambing soup and Briyani
Blk 115 Bukit Merah View
(nearest to Henderson community centre)

Was in the vicinity of Ar-Rabitah Mosque. Was searching for Muslim food in the afternoon. Not a single one an be found until I saw a chinese man slurping and eating the indian mutton soup yummily. I wasnt really felt like having mutton soup today but after witnessing how the man “clean” his entire bowl, I was “bought over”.

Indeed the mutton soup is nice.Thick broth full of flavour with generous helpings of mutton. And I was craving for “Mee kuah” actually and since the mutton soup is yummy, I thought I gave it a try…

The mee kuah gravy is thick and isnt “weird” like some does (I dunno how to describe it, some mee kuah has too much flavourings, preservatives , colouring or something that it tasted weird) This is how I like it!Soft yellow noodles with egg yolk that is runny. Love it! And again, the mutton meat is generous.

2/8/08 -This is fried rice with mutton (nasi goreng berdaging). As stated in the name, I expected lots of mutton meat but I get meagre bits , probably because I ordered for my son. I asked for non-spicy fried rice with egg and meat.$3.50 (50cents additional charge for egg) Maybe for adults, she will add more meat, perhaps?
As for the Mee kuah, I tried again, it was nice but the first time I tasted it was even better with lots of meat. Perhaps weekdays and weekends , different cooks? Hmm..
So for those living in the Bukit Merah /red hill area, no need to go to little India or Ayer RAjah food centre, this small shop is enough to satisfy ur indian cravings. Mammamia!

Anyway, many bought the nasi padang from the malay stall. Maybe it is nice. I tried the sardine puff, the sardine is not spicy and it has potatoes too. It tasted ok.

pssst….there is a yummy mee siam in Red hill, nearest to Ar-Rabitah Mosque and Blk 79 Market (Spot on! thks Edgarchen!). Situated at a coffeeshop at Blk 80, Red Hill Lane …. By 11am or probably before that, it will be gone….finish…to be continued…
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