Excuse me, what is torpedo soup?

I’ve been coming in and out of Malaysia these past few weeks.Thru out my road trip, I have encountered weird names for food. One interesting unique name I detected at Mamak kambing soup stalls (all over Malaysia) is TORPEDO/TRopedo/Torpido(variation of spelling) soup.

But first , I had some soft chewy urat (tendon) mutton soup (my fav!S’pore dont have..).For just RM 5-8, u can get these soups of different parts and combinations and u can choose the size of servings. Not as thick as Boon Keng/Kallang mutton soup and with a slight difference than local Singaporean soup, it tasted more homely and definitely YUMMY!! (I tried kampung chicken soup but it is like typical chicken meat in mutton soup??!! So best not to try it..hehhe!)

Then,as curiousity kills the cat (meow!), I muster my courage and ask the stall owners before I did some snooping around the stall, taking pics and all. The owners were friendly and even pose for me!hehhe!

Okay, but what I’m going to say will not be appropriate for some. But I have to tell u all, so that u wont make the same “embarassing” query like I did. But wait, ensure that u are 21 years and above before continue reading…

What actually lies beneath the Torpedo soup? Wanted to try it out but after I found out what it was, I “chickened” out..sorry….Average cost about RM8 per bowl. This is taken in a bazaar in KL @ notoriously known area :Chowkit area (in front of Brisdale hotel).

Some may have guessed it right. It is the male “private parts” of the goat family…oopps..

Okey, let’s walk off this pink cheeky cheeks (embarrassment)of mine…and see other stalls…

Car decal/stickers shop. They have many varieties from RM3-RM26 (according to size and popularity)
Street Satay celup -ensure that the food is thoroughly cooked before consuming. I got mine raw! YIKES! I miss the ones @ makeshift stall in front of Nandos near Pudu bus station. Never mind, i can always go to Jb for some…

Let’s proceed on…

fyi-Brisdale is a 3 star hotel with free wi-fi only @lobby . Okeylah for me, I’m not that fussy.What draws me to Brisdale is the night bazaar from 5pm-1am (Thks, Khalid! For recommending..)

This bazaar has many muslim makan stalls. Often when I went to KL, I will be at loss where to go for night bazaar.The chinatown bazaar @ Petaling street has many chinese food stalls and good bargains shop for imitation goods and cds. Unless if I came on wednesday, I will chance upon the longest night bazaar @ Connaught (near Cheras) but for now, this small night bazaar is sufficient.

Eh, I forget to highlight that this hotel is just opposite the Fire Brigade, so no worry, any fire, just evacuate to this building…heheh!

Oh and dont forget …beside this hotel, there is a yummy soft roti prata/canai makeshift stall (as u exit the hotel, on the utmost left) The roti canais are only made when ordered. So expect the softest and hot piping pratas with tangy spicy fish curry. Mammamia! Even if any superstars were to pass by me, I would not notice, too engrossed in attacking my prata…hhehe!

Hygiene for all the makeshift stalls err…no comment. Trust ur own judgement whenever u try out local street food. (Always bring the “charcoal pills” for stomach upset …from home)

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