FYI show

Had not been blogging for days…

I just read my comments section and found a pleasant surprise.

“Hi Puteri,
I’m an Assistant Producer for the show FYI ( airing every Friday 8.30pm on Suria).The producers of FYI would like to invite you ………”

Was reading them in the wee hours of the morning and suddenly the sleepy droopy eyes lit up like STARS!!! heheh!I was actually asked to give a “Nasi Lemak tour”.. Me? Me? Me?!! Unbelievable rite?

Ok, so ….

updated: 26/7/08

Had replied to them by email but too bad (probably I was 1 week late in replying..sorry,terribly busy), they had already done that segment…so … chance…

But never mind…at least this blog’s popularity has reached the “ears” of the TV producers ! Alhamdulillah…

And not forgetting YOU, readers out there , who is spreading this blog like wild fire, THANK YOU! Thank you for all the comments and tips given. And please “patronise” this blog again….and again and again….

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  1. Hi Putri

    congrat! on u being invited to FYI.
    Been reading n enjoying ur blog. Keep it up. (

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