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Durian Festival in Malaysia!

Location: SMART Pandan Wholesale market (pasar Borong) in Johor Bahru
(TO view the map, click on the image to enlarge)

Time: 10am-11pm (Durian festival only)
For shopping opening hours: from morning (wet market nearby) till 2am the next day but most shops are open at 4pm onwards)

Do u know that this is only shopping area in JB that is active in the evening till 2am in the morning?!! (Yes! U can shop till u drop to sleep….hehe!)

From wholesale products till night bazaar items. From new products till second hand clothes…Was told that by late evening or perhaps early night, the parking is full. U might need to park faraway…

The food there is delicious too. One of my favourite (and other Malaysians) is the kampung version of Teochew porridge. YUMMY!

Will post pics soon.

p.s: I did interview one of the durian sellers. He is a Malaysian chef who works in one of the Singapore hotels. He has his own durian plantation. Very nice, reliable and generous. Err, I forgotten his name…..oops! (I’m a very bad reporter)

Ok, for those who cannot view a clearer image of the map….hope this helps!
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