Dare to eat this?

As I was watching Japanese news , I chuckled silently to myself when I saw that Japanese has created a new fuel for vehicles. Yeah, u guess it right… “Waste, faeces, sewage…” Since we have found another placement,so when will the price of fuel decline? But then again, will the streets be filled with eeky geeky stench?

Few days back, I watched in RTM channel that in Europe (Belgium/Holland) uses energy from faeces + wood bits+ cereals+corn =energy for electricity, heater and hot water especially during cold wintry season (poor villagers cannot afford to install heater)

Then I remembered what a friend of mine told me in secondary school days..

This friend of mine is like an open encyclopedia and a walking newspaper. She loved facts and fiction. And so when she told me this, without a doubt, I believed her! In fact I heard it again from another source just recently…What is the news about?

Now, if u are eating , please do not continue…

Hmm, heard that there is a new burger in TOWN! Not here but in Japan to be precise…

They have came up with a new vegan burger ….made from faeces of vegetarians. Yes… but then I wonder is it true? I tried to search in the net but found none. Probably need to search in Japanese language. Anyway, if were given the chance/challenge of trying one, will u dare to try?

http://www.langston.com/Fun_People/1993/1993AJY.html (sewage burger)

p.s: eh, but I did hear there was one man who had a near death experience of being without water for days (trapped or something) And to be alive, he has to drink his own urine (Do u know that urine is sterile?)..ok, that is different, that is darurat…hmm..

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