$9.70 Fried Spring chicken ( revisited)

Arnold’d Fried chicken has been one of my favourite family gathering especially for Birthdays. But this time, I came for no reason. Just felt like eating fried juicy chicken….

When I looked at the price, I was “SHOCKED!”…

Everytime, I revisit Arnolds, it seems that the price kept increasing gradually.As for the quality of chicken …hmm, its not constant , it differs ..that depends on the day that I went. If weekdays, normally the chickens are piping hot , as if it just came out from the fryer but on weekends, the order came fast but the chicken is not as piping hot. But still alright…
From $6-$7 per bird …to $8.++ to $9.70 ( hmm….)
But one thing for sure, I will rethink again if I want to eat Fried chicken. For this kind of price, i can get it cheaper at other places. Or perhaps, I should get a deep fryer myself …..perhaps…

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ARNOLD’s (since 1984)
Geylang road
tel: 67462372
(nearest MRT station is Paya lebar)
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3 thoughts on “$9.70 Fried Spring chicken ( revisited)”

  1. Seriously, the fresh poultry in the market has increased their prices. So perhaps the vendor has to adjust the pricing accordingly.

    But if we are talking about frozen poultry, then the taste will be greatly affected.

  2. Hmm… you are right, putri, the price has been going up and yet.. chicken has not been very consistent. Notice that, if you are to go on a very crowded day, the chicken are extra oily, suspect they actually re-fry the chicken.

  3. arnold’s can no longer offer what is used to offer in the 1980s. their marketing and product enhancement is quite stagnant. what they can offer, dozens of other western food stalls can offer too at a better price and better quality.

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