Nasi Rawan…in Geylang serai.

Hajjah Mona Nasi Padang Stall
Geylang Serai Temporary Market & Food Centre

Makansutra rate their nasi padang as EXCELLENT. Their Nasi Rawan was stated to be one of the best that by 12pm during weekdays, it will be run out.

So let’s check it out!!

Suddenly have the craving for buah keluak so I jump upon this chance to try out their famous nasi rawan. Most of my experience with Nasi rawan is that the gravy is a bit diluted. So I wonder whether theirs is the same?

For only $3, u can enjoy a plate full of rice, tempeh (fried fermented beancurd), begedil (potato cutlet), tahu sambal (tofu) ,serunding (fried sweet dessicated coconut) ,paru (fried beef lung)and soft rendang.

The gravy is just nice, not diluted nor too thick. Some part of the beef lung is rubbery and some is soft. I like that some “tetel” (beef tendon) is seen here because it is one of the major ingredients for its gravy. The heavenly combination of the sambal, keluak gravy and all the ingredients makes it sedap!

p.s:Dont forget to try the roti kirai at this place…the curry and the soft roti kirai (yellow -net pastry looking) is nice!

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