Fried chicken buffet anyone?

Dallas chicken & ribs
12 upper cross street
Opening hours: 11am-8pm (weekdays),
on weekends -may extend 10-11pm
Buffet: 3-6pm daily.

A fast-food chain from England has landed Singapore @ 12 upper cross street(near china town)

I saw a glimpse of it as I wheeze past by it… I saw a “Basmalah” or some Arabic words stickers on the restaurant that invoke my curiosity..

And so I went down to take a look.

Owner is muslim from UK. This is the only franchise that has landed in South East Asia.
The small restaurant is simple.I like its furnishing. It is air-conditioned. Doesnt look like a fast food restaurant. Everything look so new.They had opened since 1.5 months ago.

As I enter it was empty.There was a poster indicating that there is a buffet from 3-6pm only. $8 per person (I did asked about child rate but he has not think about the rate yet, so probably child could be free).He did ask whether we wanted buffet.I wasnt that hungry and so i decided to choose alacarte.Price range is about $4-$5 per person.

The owner is friendly. He served us and even asked our opinion on the food whether it is to our liking. Everything served is hot and piping. I like the fact that they give us a hand wipe each (wet fragrant wipes) just like some fast food operators in Europe. So no trouble finding wash basin.(But did not check whether there is any extra cost).Another thing is that I like their packaging. Every thing was packed in some sort of paperbag. It is very convenient if u decided to bring home unfinished food, rite?

The drinks given are chilled but no ice given. I find that the fish fillet and nuggets are typical but because they served it hot and piping, it was yummy to eat …while it is still hot. I like the onion rings. It reminded me of the yummy onion rings Burger king use to sell but Bk onion rings have slackened.

The chicken is nice. Its flavourful. Reminds me of the time I ate a hot piping fried chicken in London, one wintry day. Somewhat similar. It was definitely different than typical KFC.

We had a nice chat with the owner. Though his restaurant is not noticeable, he is hopeful. So why dont u bring ur family down for a buffet? This is one and only chicken buffet in town! Hurry down…

P.s: Too many queries that I forgotten to ask “where are the ribs?”. I did not see any ribs being displayed in the menu .So where are they? Hmm…

Updated nov 2008:
Due to high demands in the queries for this restaurant, I feel that I need to clarify…
“This is muslim-owned eatery. No Halal certificates are needed. I had a talk with the owner on why he did not apply for HALAL certificates. The owner had said that he will look into that in the future because HALAL-certification is additional costs…
It was very new and was somewhat “ghost-town” because not many knew of its existence .But alhamdulillah I heard that many has eaten there now that it was discovered..this is one of my many goals in creating this blog so that many HALAL muslim eateries are discovered and their business flourished…towards excellence dunia and akhirat.
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16 thoughts on “Fried chicken buffet anyone?”

  1. Hi! How do I get there? Looks yum.. do reply at my blog tagboard thankss 😀

  2. i went ther today 15 june 2008 wif my gf. suppose to be a self service fast food rest. the buffet is nw $10. i tink the food is ok, price is very good, service is qte good, ambience good. chicken is a big piece of breast. not oily, not too dry. not too salty or tasteless. i suggest owner use wing or drumstick instead. fries is i tink homemade. taste abit diff frm normal, bt qte nice n big n long. i like the idea of providing a pack of salt n add it urself to taste. the chicken roll surprisingly use instant prata instead of doritto or wat the name… its veri nice, onli fatty plus mayo n prata oil.(thats wat makes it nice). side dish like coleslaw, onion ring, mineral water not available jus nw. forgot to suggest that chilli sauce shld serve in squeeze bottles instead. after the meal had a chat wif owner. he is qte frenly. best part is price is ard JB standard price. alot room for improvements. wud say it has potential. overall i giv a 8 out of 10. veri good considering ard 3 mths in business. hopes it open more outlets n more strategic areas like shopping centres n outside of erp areas.

  3. Had my dinner there earlier. it is a good place to slack and enjoy your fried chicken. Service is good. The menu is yet to be fully completed as they just started about 2 months. Overall, the experience was good. The food, 2 thumbs up. Service, even better.

  4. I went this place yesterday, I think it's really cheap if you can really eat alot. (buffet $10/person – from 3-6pm)

    For those who want more info before going this shop.

    Only Set 2,3,4 and 6 (fried chickens and nuggets) can reply ordering and NOT Set 1 and 6(chicken burger and wrapped chicken). Only one can drink is being served subsequent can will be $1.20.
    p/s: chicken burger not recommended. Fried chicken is better.

    Reached there earlier, i must say alot of ppl are Queueing.

    Overall, service is quite gd too!

  5. Err…I think when u see the road sign "Upper Cross St" (u must face the roadsign)in my first pic. Then u just walk to the right . It is at the main road actually. Hope that helps!

  6. this is cool. i'm gonna try check it out this coming tuesday. because my friends tried looking for it like a week ago, and they couldn't find it. =/ so i'm gonna try my luck =)

  7. Anonymous-What do u mean by ribs halal?First and foremost,the ribs are not present in the restaurant because the owner do not know how to do it.Secondly,if a stall is HALAL-certified/muslim owned,everything on menu is HALAL.Ribs not necessarily pork ribs but can be lamb ribs,mutton ribs,cow ribs.Hmm…hope that answer ur question.

  8. Hi. I am looking for this current outlet's location. Do u have an idea where is it now? Went to POMO and could not find it… Cheers

  9. Sara's Halal Foods

    Sara’s Launches Online Halal Meat Shop for UK Muslims

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