Big Roasted duck for only $26!!

updated:October 08 ,

Now they deliver!!!!

SMS your order to 96547512
(include ur name, address,number of ducks,and date of delivery)
Delivery time: Between 12pm till 2pm
$28 per duck

Note: Pay $5 additional surcharge for order less than 3 ducks.
Order one day in advance (before 2pm)
and if failed to sms to above number, SMS 94319415 (alternative no)

Big orders for major events /functions can be discussed.

Found another place for roasted duck. They also sell smoked duck, braised duck and open roasted duck (spices are on the outer layer of the duck..something like that).

Need to order one day in advance. They will do the ducks for you in the night and you need to collect it by 6-6.30am. If u are late , the gate will be closed by 7am, so sayonara DUCK!

So are you ready to know where it is?

Actually this is the 1st HALAL DUCK abattoir in Singapore.

96 N Jalan Senang (near Bedok ITE)

This is the coffeeshop which I’m talking about..use it as a landmark.

Direction: Go straight into Jalan Senang and once u spot a coffeeshop on ur right, u will see jalan paras , skip that and go into another minor road (on ur right)where u can see many delivery vans and lorries and it look like a street full of factories.

Contact person: Mohammed Ali Bin Hj Roslan

I got this info from the HALAL food & beverage magazine.

Upon reading it, I was unsure whether they will entertain me since I wanted to order 2 ducks only.But they did with great service…

I got lost initially but Mr Mohd was patient enough to direct us to the right place. Upon reaching there, he greeted us with a smile and present us with the carefully wrapped Roasted duck ($26)and Braised duck ($25). He even bade us goodbye till we are out of sight. So nice…

The ducks were very YUMMY! They were well marinated (I got a call from them at 9pm and they told me that they marinate the ducks already) and tasty. I wasnt expect much from the braised duck ..(cos we asked what is braised duck , the reply given was “black duck”.)

Roasted duck

Being puzzled, I just thought maybe it is like the black chicken soup. I expect the braised duck to come with a gravy but i was wrong. It was similar to roasted duck but braised , eaten dry , no dip or sauce . It was yummier than the roasted duck (my opinion). I do not know how to explain.. Gotta try it to beleive it!

Braised duck

The roasted duck skin were not crispy but that is fine to me. The taste compensate that. And the ducks were bigger than typical duck u get from supermarket. It is fleshy too! Love it! Thumbs and toes up! And it’s cheap and good. I believe if u need to order more ducks for a function, i believe they can cater for that but u need to wake up early….

So trylah….

p.s: Wanted to order smoked duck and open roasted duck but scared cannot finish..perhaps next time. I have tasted smoked chicken before in Europe so I can gauge it is probably similar but for open roasted duck? Hmm, sounds interesting…anyone who have tried please share with us ur tastebuds..

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  1. I've been wanting to eat halal ducks! can only find at causeway point but the ducks are skinny.. Glad to find another halal duck!Thanks!

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