If u intend to go to Malaysia for holidays/short trips or night market or makan2… please ensure there isnt any electronic equipments left in ur transport.

The thieves have a certain type of equipment that can scan ur car or any transport for electronics products that are left behind.

Recently a friend of mine has lost her laptop. And only her laptop. She always bring it with her but somehow she left it for only 5 minutes somewhere secluded (in her car) that no one would anticipate it being stolen. But the thieves knew exactly where it is and broke only one window. The rest of her things (non-electronics valuables) are left untouched.

“Innalillahi wa innailaihi ro jiuun”
(Ya Allah gantikan musibah ini dengan yang lebih baik untuk dirinya. Amin)

So dear readers, please take note….and take care…

p.s: The police did advice that if u somehow cannot carry the electronic products along, please remove the batteries. The batteries are the one that aid in the “scanning” and the electronics products being detected….

I never knew thieves are so hi-tech..

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