Will u eat ur own placenta?

“Some believe that consuming one’s placenta has substantial skin benefits. So, after my elder son was born, I kept the placenta in the fridge for a few years, but I forgot all about it! In fact, I just threw it out the other day. So, yes, I came close to eating it,” said ………

I read recently that a local celebrity actually have the thought of consuming her own placenta because it was known for complexion and health benefits.She actually brought it back and store in her refrigerator but discard it later. Although she did not consume, but the thoughts of consuming it, is there…

Some cosmetic companies use these placenta……(so there must be some truth in it)

Can u bear eat something that is related to ur body. I find that this is almost similar to cannibalism. Ah, that reminds me of TAB TV, where it was reported that there are some group of people who seeks pleasure being eaten alive. GORY, isn’t it?

Ok, folks…now answer truthfully, will u eat ur own placenta? (Don’t think whether its HALAL or not) Just answer this question, are u able to cook something that is a part of u and place it in ur mouth..

For me seriously, even if it’s benefit is immortality , I still wont eat it. Heck, I won’t even touch it…

Just my 2 pence worth of thoughts…

Fyi- Placenta is dispel after birth.

updated:15/5, Anonymous (thks!) commented that Cassandra See ate it! Read them in the comments section…

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3 thoughts on “Will u eat ur own placenta?”

  1. Local celeb? U referring to Cassandra See? She really ate it – it was in the papers.

    Cassandra See, 35, a part-time TCS actress believes that eating her placenta after giving birth to her only son, Lukas, played a part in her speedy recovery from casesarian childbirth as well as giving her a glowing complexion.

    She had apparently baked it in her oven like a roast beef until it was dry and crisp, pounded it and put into capsules which she then swallowed every morning on an empty stomach.

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