Whole Roasted duck @ $40

15 Mackenzie road
(opposite old REX theatre)

Have u ever felt that u had enough of certain food and wanted to try other things? Well, I did and see what i got for my lunch!!

Bought half a roasted duck at $20, was given chilli sauce and semi dark sauce, no idea what it is. Tasted like duck broth soya sauce gravy.U can have it whole or u can asked them to chop it up for u. I find that the latter is easier to eat. Can feed about 4-5 people.

A bit expenisve if compare to RAZACK’s kitchen which cost only $30 per bird but u need to inform them one day in advance. This is a spur of the moment thing so…I went to Selera.

The duck is a tiny bit chewy and juicy but not as crispy as Razacks. Anyway, love the taste!

U can read about other roasted duck here….


p.s:One day insya-Allah, will ask Razack to make one PEKING duck for me….heheh!

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2 thoughts on “Whole Roasted duck @ $40”

  1. U’re a life saver! My husband & I only knew Razack had halal roasted duck but he wasn’t satisfied with it(claiming it is not crispy) and bcuz he loves the duck so much he asked me to learn how to roast a duck. I rather get it off the counter. So, thanks!

  2. I love duck sey..been searching high and low for duck meat.At last i’ve found where to search for the meat!Care to share wif me the address of razack?PM me at hyda_sisda[at]hotmail.com
    BTW,i love ur blog!No lack of idea where to find delicacies

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