This blog is being featured in….

A fellow makan kaki recently congratulate me (err..actually last March but I did not log in to check my messages)

“Hi Putri, i saw your blog being featured in HALAL magazine at the
recent Eat Halal fair @ EXPO. congrats!”

Alhamdulillah. My heart was leaping with joy but I need to see it with my own eyes!!!Unbelievable…

The other time, my friend pulled my leg by telling me that Berita Harian/Minggu has featured my blog but the truth was uncovered when I read it… “PUTRI BERENDAM drink” . Its just a recipe for a concoction of unique drink…*lol

Fyi- Putri berendam (“Putri “means princess,”Berendam” means submerged/immersed in water/dipping/soaking) is actually a name of a Malay kueh. Similar to “ah-balling” but the ball fillings are normally gula melaka/sweet dessicated coconut. It’s like ondeh-ondeh but this one is soaked in coconut cream. Very rich….another name for it, is “BADAK berendam” (“Badak” means hippos) but the name is not so glamourous…hehhe! But that is not the reason for my nick…

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