This BLOG has turn 1!!!

Without realising it, this blog has turned 1 !!!

Time passes so fast, originally, the stats will be like few hundreds but now it has come to 49139 VISITORS!! And from 115 countries (previously only 5-6 countries)

Blow those trumpets, poke those balloons, throw those confetti!!

Bring in the cakes….and presents!!
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3 thoughts on “This BLOG has turn 1!!!”

  1. Congrats!!!… and keep the blog alive.. and thank you many2 for yr kindness to share yr quest with us..

  2. Hey.. I’ve been the silent reader of your blog.. but i guess today i shall voice out my shoutouts..




  3. hi, i read yr blog religiously & it’s very informative….

    happy birthday…

    and we want to see more!!!!!!

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