Snacks at Suntec City convention centre

Food Republic
Level 1
Suntec Convention Centre

Often wonder where to get fast snacks in Suntec convention centre where it’s always bustling with people. Well, fret not..the answer is here!

I was walking towards the ladies when I saw the “posh-looking” renovated FOOD REPUBLIC food court with a fried fritter stall displaying a HALAL certificate. Without realising it, I think I was reading it aloud! Because a malay lady beside me, actually U-turn after I said that. And I saw her ta-pow some fried fritters. heheh!

A bit pricey cost about $0.90 per fritter and the soya bean drink is small $1.50 but very satisfactory. The fried fritters are crispy and yummy!

Butterfly and red bean paste (black white sesame)


I love the “butterfly” (saltish and sweet) and the long dough stick “you tiao”

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2 thoughts on “Snacks at Suntec City convention centre”

  1. Hmm, I’m not sure..I dont think so. But if u want HALAL ones, u can get at Geylang Serai market food centre. There are many Muslim-owned stalls that sell these tauhuey there.Or dessert stalls in BANQUET food centres.

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