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Our Own Singaporean Al-Quran! Please give your full moral support…

The Singapore Mushaf a Contribution, a Historical Milestone

In keeping with the spirit of preserving the Quran through writing, apart from committing it to memory through its Tahfiz programmes, the Management Board of the Kampung Siglap Mosque has launched the Singapore Mushaf project (Quran Mushaf Singapura or QMS). It is an initiative that enables Singaporean Muslims to partake on a historic journey in continuing the traditions of preserving the Quran. Looking forward, the QMS is part of their contribution towards the development of Islam in the world today.

The Singapore Mushaf, How Can You Have It?

Your minimum donation of $200 will go towards the production of the Singaporean-designed Singapore Mushaf, and the on-going development and refurbishment of the Education Block (Darul Quran Building), the Main Prayer Block and the Leadership Block of the Kampung Siglap Mosque complex. You will also receive your legacy copy of the Singapore Mushaf. Other legacy copies of the Singapore Mushaf is only available upon donations made to the Kampung Siglap Mosque, Singapore’s Quranic Centre of Excellence.

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For Futher Enquiry Do Contact :
Masjid Kampung Siglap,
451 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449283-
Contact Numbers: +65 6243 7060
Facsimile: +65 6441 0634

p.s: If it’s too costly or u are not able to fund that $200 on ur own, gather 10 of more friends/family members and collect $20 or less each!

And if u have any queries regarding Al-Quran reading or religious queries: alternatively, u can email MUIS.

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