River Valley Nasi Padang

River Valley nasi Padang
55 Zion Road
(opposite Great World City shopping centre)

When was the last time, I visit this eatery? Most probably 2 years back.

This place is one of the famous nasi padang in Singapore. I did hear a rumour saying that they even keep the recipes in a safe somewhere …Hmm..

Anyway, I have not taken any pics of this eatery thus had the sudden urge to do so to update myself on its taste…

I was passing a nasi padang stall beside this one..It seems to be packed with people. I wonder why? Is it yummier than the river valley nasi padang? I took a sneak peek at a chinese lady plate full of black sotong and its enchanting gravy. I must focus, I cannot sidetracked…

And so I gather all of my will power and head on to river valley nasi padang which is just next door. Arrived at 11am, the place was quarter full but as the clock ticked closer to lunch time, the queue grew.

We chose sambal sotong (squid) $5, quarter fried chicken $4,rendang,2 begedil (potato cutlet) , 2 egg omelette, tripe in spicy coconut gravy (lemak)…2 plates of white rice and 2 drinks =$22

Sambal sotong/squid

Tripe in spicy coconut gravy

fried chickenRendang
2 begedils and 2 egg omelettes

Sambal belacan is a MUST!

Now I understand why. If I work nearby and had to have my lunch here, I will end up with a big HOLE in my pocket..thus that explains the workers eating at the “neighbour” stall.

Overall, it was good. I just love the sambal sotong, so fresh and yummy and its sweet sambal! A bit costly but worth it.Rendang is similar to malay wedding’s reception lunch rendang, nice. (My taste on local rendangs has changed eversince I travel to Indonesia)

The tripe is a bit chewy but alright. The begedil and egg omelette is ok, nothing fancy.Chicken is ok. A bit costly….to me. But the main thing is that the food is of fresh ingredients. Come around 11 am when the food is freshly cooked and to beat the lunch crowd too.

Perhaps, will come back to try other dishes…perhaps..

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