Mother’s day present?

Scratching ur head on what to give ur darling momma? Well let me share with u my idea…but u got to promise not to laugh…promise?


After many painstakingly years of being my momma (I am no angel when I was young and still am) , I decided to REWARD her by “sacrificing” her to the fishes…no! not to the SHARKS but to the toothless gurra ruffa fish.Hheee!

I went to Qian HU Fish Farm and paid a visit to the communal pool of fish spa. (What is fish spa? Read more here)

Anyway they have expanded. Now they got 2 pools!!So I pamper my momma by treating her to a fish spa-can choose 30mins for $10 or 1 hour $20.

Then an idea strike me. How bout having the fish spa at home? And can pamper ur momma everyday? And her feet and hand will be soft and youthful cos all the dead cells are being eaten away!!

So, how bout buying ur mom some GURRA RUFFA fish aka SPA fish and have good mini “spa” at home. If u have that extra cash,why not invest in ur family and create ur own family communal pool. Isnt that great?!! Family bonding time…

Okey, the price is a bit steep, $10 per tiny fish (about 4cm), $20 per big one. Not enough $$$, never mind, buy one at a time like saving ur coins in a piggy bank…as time goes, u will end up having hundreds of them…and maybe by then u can “charge” those friends of yours for a minimal fee to ur “private spa”.hehe! Earn back those $$$!! heheh! (But then I’m not sure whether these fishes can live on its own without its “groupie”.Whatever it is, find more info about these fishes before u buy because they might “kamikaze”)

So to be a filial son/daughter, we have to start somewhere, rite? Isn’t there a famous saying :”Syurga di tapak kaki ibu” (Paradise lies beneath a mother’s feet)?

So, treat your mom to a SPA today/tomorrow!

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Oh by the way, “HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY!!!” to all the MOTHERS out there (and single FATHERs who have to be both father and mother aka “bapa tunggal”.)

p.s: But I hold no responsibility for their death….heheh!It was said that it is difficult to be kept as aquarium fish …click below…

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