Mee Soto Dinosaur?? RUN!!!

Revisiting this place again….

YUNUS & Family
Block 724, #01-54

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Opening hours 11am – 10pm, closed on Sundays

When it first open after the food centre was renovated..the food wasn’t as good as before. I thought i gave it another try after the crowd died down. But anyway,overall is still GOOD. Only I felt that something is different or missing if compared to the OLD stall (before Hady Mirza was idol).

Mee Rebus with thick yummy gravy
Gado-gado with rich flavours and crispy crunchy crackers

Never mind that..
I noticed the menu and decided to try the DINOSAUR SOTO! At first the man warned us that it consists of bones(YIKES??!!no meat?) and it cost about $4. But it was good. the bones are actually leftovers of the whole chicken. It was overwhelming. There were meat here and there. I bet those aunties surely LOVE this! My aunties dont like to eat chicken meat but love those boney chicken wings tips and those skinny chicken ribs…But then, best tapow (bring home) cos too paiseh (embarassed) to be caught dead sucking the juices or meat from the bones. And u need to use all ur fingers too!hehe! I love this!

Mee Soto DINOSAURS!! (No fossils leftovers…)
A close up on those bones…..

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p.s: They are now SELF-SERVICE so when ordering food, wait for ur food. Sigh.. miss the “old touch” …their friendliness ,”one-to-one” serving and at times chitchat/joke with their customers..

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