Island creamery

Heard a lot about this popular-craze ice-cream parlour! Furthermore, it was recommended by some malay celebrity some time ago on TV…The favourite Teh tarek ice-cream!

But they also have tiger beer sorbet or Guiness Stout ice-cream?!!

Read more here: it HALAL?
Anyone care to share?

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7 thoughts on “Island creamery”

  1. Hi there..btw i love reading ur blog just like the way i love to eat 🙂

    i like the teh tarik and nutella from island creamery..

    actually wanna tell u this..just now i just jalan2 at the new downtown ehub..and this korean restaurant called “Fresh Bulggogi” (hope my spelling is right) caught my eyes..and the good thing is its HALAL-certified..i didnt got the chance to try it..maybe there can be your next makan stop..

  2. i’ve tried it before.there’s no halal cert by the way.i nvr see any liquor/alcohol in the premises though.You must definitely try the mudpie!damn nice and big serving for only $4++

  3. hi putri, just chanced upon ur blog and lovin it..went to island creamery a few times and ive never seen those beer flavours uve’s not halal certified though..:)

  4. Hi all. I think the confusion about whether it is halal or not is not just about the beer flavours.

    What about emulsifiers?

    I think it is best to avoid this ice-cream, as delicious as it sounds.


  5. It’s just common sense. They dont sertu the ice-cream machine everytime they’re mixing a new non-beer-based flavour.

  6. heyy putri. i absolutely LOOOOVE your blog. 🙂

    anyway, adding on to all these, first and foremost, sertu is a “cara pembersihan” for NAJIS YANG BERAT. you have to sertu things when it comes in contact with any pork-related products, pigs or dogs.

    i used to work in a hand-made icecream parlour and it did sell an alcoholic flavoured icecream. everytime we had to prepare that alcoholic flavoured icecream, we had to make sure that the pan is thoroughly cleaned. we even stored that particular flavour separately and used separate “scoops” to serve the icecreams.

    nonetheless, we cant really percaye that everyone will really do that or take extra precautionary measures when they prepare their products. so kita pon mesti berWAS-WAS juga. 🙂

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