Fork and spoon foodcourt @ SQUARE 2 (revisited)

31/5/08-went to check again …the only HALAL-certified stalls are Chicken rice, yong taufu, Japanese stall,Ban Mian/Fish noodles and vegetarian stalls. Again double check for the HALAL cert whenever and wherever u are ordering…

NOVENA SQUARE 2 aka Novena medical centre
fork and spoon level 4
Nearest MRT-novena

This food court has many variety of food from as far as Korean, Thailand-vietnam, Japanese,ban mian, chinese fried rice, chicken rice, indian food fares, sweet desserts, hot desserts and lots more. Most have their HALAL cert displayed except a few.

Came here for my second visit….(March 08)

31/5/08-This THAI-VIET stall is NO longer HALAL.
Went there again but the malay muslim friendly chef is no longer there. Was replaced by a Thai worker who has difficulty understanding us (luckily, there was a customer who can help to get the message across). Confirmed that it is no longer HALAL. So please take note!! (furthermore Sensasi has gone a step further by calling up MUIS to double confirm. Thank you Sensasi, for your initiativeness.)

Ordered (the same malay chef was there):
Vietnam fried noodles (actually forgotten its name) tasted like char kway teow , but there is chopped peanuts at the side and lime.

Raw spring rolls
Yong taufu (has unique items like bittergourd with minced meat fillings, enoki mushroom and lots more)
Fried fish soup/Ban mian stall
Chicken rice

My favourites are:
fried fish soup (soup is nice), yong taufu (broth is nice and has many unique fried fritters) and spring roll (but this time they forgot to include chopped nuts)

Read on my first visit here: (Also included their Korean fried chicken which was fried in 100% olive oil!So health enthusiasts, what are u waiting for

Updated:9/5/08 Watzdiz (thks!) has informed me that this Korean chicken is closed.There is another branch at Cineleisure. I’m not sure whether this is of the same company or whether it is HALAL-certified..

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4 thoughts on “Fork and spoon foodcourt @ SQUARE 2 (revisited)”

  1. Hi Putri… think the Korean BBQ chicken shop has already closed at Square2. Not sure if the outlet at Cineleisure Orchard is still around.

  2. Hi Putri – wondering whether is all the stores in Fork & Spoon really halal???- cos like yourself – myself really like the vietnamese store:always patronizing it.did ask the manager(a malay guy) and he told me its halal….then tup tup…one day I called Muis…was actually enquiring about some cafes…and at the same time was thinking I should enquire re:Fork & spoon- to my surprise – the guy in Muis told me that for Fork & spoon- they actually produce halal certificates to individual stores

  3. Sensasi, sorry I may have forgotten to highlight that.Only certain stalls are HALAL because some stalls have no HALAL cert. I think one of them is the Japanese stall. As for the Vietnamese stall, the chef who is muslim says that he ensures the food is HALAL.Actually I think Banquet is the same. The HALAL cert given is to individual stall because they each have different expiry dates too!So best to refer to the HALAL cert diplayed. Thank u for informing me…

  4. Hi Putri…thanks for the reply…if dun't mind when is the last time you patronize the shop?cos' went there last week and the chef is not the usual chef- looks like a thai guy – and I have a skeptical feeling…btw just called Muis this pm to confirm again – and lotus thai viet is not certified halal. : (

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