Featured in HALAL magazine!

In my previous post, I wrote that someone (SHF thks!) congratulate me on being featured in HALAL magazine during the EXPO HALAL food exhibition last March 2008.

Alhamdulillah found it.

Is this for real? Hmm, cannot believe my eyes…

This blog is being featured as “10 ESSENTIAL HALAL WEBSITES THAT YOU SHOULD VISIT”.

YIPEE! (can click on image to read the article clearly)

Ok, let me get my “speech paper”…

“First and foremost I would like to thank God for everything, Alhamdulillah, then my parents, hubby and kids….and not forgetting Blogger and other blogging tools…and also most importantly, my loyal fans who kept patronising this site and spread it like wild fire thru word of mouth, email or any kinds of means… THANK YOU! I LOVE U all! “

…Er..I think this is too much ..like getting an Oscar or something…like so “DRAMA-mama”..hehhe!

Anyway, as I browse thru this magazine ($3.50 only), I realised that there are many, many HALAL makan places that I do not know…YIPEE! More interesting places to scout for…kinda interesting…

fyi-This magazine can be found in MPH, Times or Kinokuniya book stores or if u want previous issues, just call them up and inform them and then head to (paya lebar mrt nearest)

MegaXpress Communications Pte. Ltd.
Tg Katong Complex #04-16
Tel: +65 6741 1377
Fax: +65 6747 9765
Email Address : info@megaxpress.com

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4 thoughts on “Featured in HALAL magazine!”

  1. Thank you for all the well wishes and motivating words. Thank you for reading this humble blog and please continue to support it, in anyway u can, k?
    Luv, Putri.

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