Cheng Xing Fresh Fruit juice
Seah Imm Hawker Centre
(behind the teh tarek stall nearest to the mrt)

No, not ABC beer or Air Batu campur/chendul (Malaysian ice kacang) but Beetroot(its not yucky at all!) and other fruits mixed into one YUMMY REFRESHING rejuvenating JUICE! for only $2. I can see the stall owners are quite generous with their big slices of fruits and also cheap pricing of their fruits, no wonder, lunch time, they are swarmed with office workers!

then I went to check on the yummy briyani here but found out that the briyani will be ready only at 11.30am. And the thaksin beef noodle is not open yet! (I was there about 10.30am)So I try out a new shop which I never try before..

And I order some prata from the briyani stall…
This is one of my favourite curry chicken briyani stall ….but dont expect much from its service.

Anyway, tried and tasted the soto ayam (beef lung is additional) and mee rebus at the stall below …not bad..

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4 thoughts on “DETOX with ABC”

  1. hey putri, love reading your blog. Nowadays, hawkers are getting complacent. They knoe they are good, so good service is being compromised. Another 1 stall i’ve ‘abandoned’ is the mee soto stall at Adam Road. Utter rudeness!!

  2. melayudilondon

    Hallo cik puteri

    If you are at Seah Im next time, try the ice teh tarik from the mamak stall at the back. It is in the middle, next to soto ayam stall. Sedap… creamy, sweet with a good dose of red tea.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the ABC juice stall. I've been searching for a stall which sells that – too lazy to make it myself!

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