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I’m still learning the ropes of website ads. So if U see “weird” ads, just ignore them..

Have not been visiting my blog for 2 days and am shocked that this blog shows ads for lesbian meetings…(I have no discrimination whatsoever) I thought they say they will get ads that are related to my blog, but where did I ever wrote about lesbian and gay?(This is the first post, I mentioned those words) I wonder…

So as a result, I had no choice but to remove some ads until I learn to control the content…

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  1. Hey… A random reader from new zealand… I went to singapore recently and had my fair share of nasi padang… I found one in arab street called dahlia cafe… If Im not wrong its right opposite that kampong glam cafe u were talking about… The food here is really nice… Its homecooked style and a local friend said it rivals hajah maimunah in that area… They also have a branch in bedok and we tried out both branches cos my friend works in bugis and lives in bedok… I like the bedok branch better as its cheaper so you might want to give it a go sometime… the bedok branch is at the coffeeshop near fengshan community centre… i think it carries the same name too… well keep writing more… Ur blog helped me alot during my trip to singapore… thanks!!!! *lisa*

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