Month: May 2008

Singapore Mushaf -is a MUST-HAVE!

Our Own Singaporean Al-Quran! Please give your full moral support…The Singapore Mushaf a Contribution, a Historical MilestoneIn keeping with the spirit of preserving the Quran through writing, apart from committing it to memory through its Tahfiz programmes, the Management Board of the Kampung Siglap Mosque has launched the Singapore Mushaf project (Quran Mushaf Singapura or …

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Thick tender turkey fillet topped with cheese..YUM!

Updated 23/3/09 : Griller is no longer HALAL-certifed. Read it here ….(thks Rezana!) Where??? Keep visiting this blog to know the name and location of this restaurant.(Hint: in Singapore) The answer is…. Tiong Bahru Plaza #04-05(outside GV cinema) The first time I came here was ages ago, probably 2-3 years back when it first started. …

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Coffee Bean is HALAL at last!

Alhamdulillah! To locate a store near to ur home, click here: So when will Starbucks follow suit?(i know they have ham quiche last time, now not sure) But wait a minute…this is the statement given by STARBUCKS singapore “E471 is the EU E number designating mono and diglycerides derived from fatty acids. These fatty …

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Island creamery

Heard a lot about this popular-craze ice-cream parlour! Furthermore, it was recommended by some malay celebrity some time ago on TV…The favourite Teh tarek ice-cream! But they also have tiger beer sorbet or Guiness Stout ice-cream?!! Read more here: it HALAL?Anyone care to share?


Cheng Xing Fresh Fruit juiceSeah Imm Hawker Centre#01-40(behind the teh tarek stall nearest to the mrt) No, not ABC beer or Air Batu campur/chendul (Malaysian ice kacang) but Beetroot(its not yucky at all!) and other fruits mixed into one YUMMY REFRESHING rejuvenating JUICE! for only $2. I can see the stall owners are quite generous …

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