Tired of Komala’s ?

BRINDA’s is the answer!

After a tiring day…(Just came back from 4 “surprise” exam papers)

I was somehow stranded in bukit Merah central. I was so tired that i just took any bus and landed in bukit merah central. Heard my tummy growling (skip lunch ,exams jitters)thus search for HALAL food. Found one but closed.Saw Old Chang KEE but no mood for fried fritters. Fast food is a NO-no for me.

So I walked further on with my high heeled boots and “Hollywood” sunglasses…I found Brinda by chance.One look, I thought “ALAMAK” is it posh? But then I went to the entrance found the setting similar to Komalas and felt relieved when i saw the menu.

It is 24 HOURS! IT has free WI-FI! And has DELIVERY too!! Hmm…

Wanted to order bhattura but available on fri,sat and sunday only. So ordered Masala Dosai and egg prata. Tasted the masala dosai , it is yummy with very different spicy sauce (unlike Komalas). And the curry is nice! I ordered egg prata with fish curry. Prata is ok. But the fish curry is nice. and I saw there is fish head curry too! Need to wait for 15mins. For 2 persons about $19.

My favourite: Has got to be the mango lassi!(yogurt drink) Chilled and shiok!!

And the funny thing is that I brought the digcam but with no batteries. Hahaa! My makan kaki has to use his phone camera. So we shall wait and see how the pics turn out…hehehh!

They have a site but its down, so click here!

Blk 162, Bukit Merah Central,
#01-3533, Singapore 150162
Fax : 6276 0766
Email : info@brindas.com.sg ;
Website : www.brindas.com.sg (site is down)

Delivery HOTLINE : 1800 274 6327

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  1. Hi you should have gone to Blk 165 Bukit Merah Central, there is a coffee-shop right at the corner. And included one new Ayam Penyat store, one delicious Nasi Padang and one Indian Muslim Food galore…try it out!-UK

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