Teochew porridge

Since the closure of the Banquet at Selegie, we lost one good HALAL Teochew Porridge stall…

Requested by M3rni3, these are the ones i know have Teochew Porridge

1)Clifford centre Banquet with many side dish u can choose from..(Raffles Place MRT)
2)Adam’s corner (near boon Keng MRT)
3)Fish delights (this one has no side dishes)
4)I think there is one in geylang serai temporary market. I saw some ate them early morning weekdays..a porridge with side dish of kang kong and stuff..but i’ve forgotten about the name of its stall..sorry..

So that’s it….hope it helps!

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2 thoughts on “Teochew porridge”

  1. wow! .. reply came fast and furious! hehe ..
    thank you so much putri for the prompt reply/post 🙂
    i heave a sigh of relieve now that i know where to find teochew porridge .. yayness!

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