Satay sauce POWER!

Al-Hambra Padang satay
Makansutra Gluttons Bay
01-15 Esplanade Mall
daily 6pm to 3am.
Tel: 6336 7025

Been here 2X. The first one was a good experience. The satays are good and the sauce, POWER! When I dip the grilled satay into the rich sinful chunky peanutty gravy and put it in my mouth…I was immediately transported to the past! The past with a blast at the old Satay club…the tongue will dance with joy from the rich flavours and rekindle back those happy satay moments…SHIOK!

Second time wasnt that good…it was a weekday night. Not many people. The satay was a bit cold, not warm nor hot like it was there thru out the night… so I was a bit disappointed. But the satay sauce is still as good! There is another sauce along with it, like kicap cilipadi (spicy soyasauce )..i think.

It’s been a very long time since I visited this stall…suddenly miss the gravy!! Hmm..

Check it OUT!

p.s: did try the mee goreng stall too, but it doesnt taste any special…and no meat can be found (maybe need to request), perhaps will try again…since I did not take any shots that time…who knows third time will be a charm? Hmm…

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