Satay batang pinang at Senibong…

This is the wrong one….

Wanted to go to Senibong. (Anonymous suggested that the seafood there is heavenly and cheap. THKS!) Getting here is a problem. It was late night and the minor roads are dimly lit. Got confused with senibong seafood village and premas village. First stop was a big kelong restaurant named “senibong Village Seafood” with their seafood all alive and kicking in large aquariums (they said they are HALAL but we felt “was-was” and their prices are a bit high)but then i remembered that this is not the picture shown in another blog, and so we try again..

second stop was a hilarious joke. It state there “Pak Akob fish” or something like that. I got the feeling that it could just be a fishing pond where u can catch ur own fish.If I were to catch my own dinner, I think it will end up being my breakfast. I looked around, seems abit dim for a restaurant. Query here and there , true is NOT what I’m looking for.

Later,someone gave directions. It was after the chinese kelong restaurant where u need to turn right into a vast parking lots with many cars. Up front is a scenery of senoko plant(singapore)

PERMAS seafood Village

Lot Ptd 120#1,4,
Kampung Senibong
81750 Plentong, Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
Telephone+607 338 1388


I felt a little bit disappointment at choosing the wrong restaurant(but u got to pardon me, cos there are many restaurants there..) but everything that happens has a reason or “hikmahnya” because I found the ultimate yummy satay which is made from BATANG PINANG (what real stay should made from) aka SIRLOIN (to know which part of cow? click here)meat. Very soft, juicy , succulently good! Once tasted them, u felt so satisfied…*burp*


Otah-otah (is average)

cuttlefish fried in flour

Buttered Prawns

Grilled Fish
Sweet sour crabs (one makan kaki’s kid wants to eat crab so cannot order spicy chilli crabs..)


Previously, all the kelongs I went to are individuals. But this is a group of malay muslim restaurants perched at the edge of the sea like kelong. There are karaokes available so u can sing ur heart out and without realising u might also disrupt the serenity of the quiet natural scene. Warning : u might even choke at some of the “karaokers” antics…or broken chords..

Since we were lost 2X, we were very hungry, satay came fast. Ordered beef and mutton satay.Yummilicious!

As for the seafood…
I was disappointed that the food was a bit cold when arrived. I just love food served hot , sizzling or something….

I only like the crispy buttered prawns, cuttlefish fried in flour (with curry leaves) and grilled fish (naturally grilled with no added flavours).

The others: Crab is too overcooked (first time in my life i tasted overcooked crab), mussels aint fresh, kangkong is ok (not so into kangkong) that’s my dinner.

Total , I chose each dish for 1 person. (1 person serving can feed 3-4 people!) except crab (I chose 2) =RM140. So will come back to try other seafood restaurant..if second trip fails then I stick to the previous KELONGS or the grilled fish at tepian tebrau (yummy!)
ok, below are some of the restaurants there, some even have lobsters!!

p.s: Eh, i think their speciality is said to be nasi lemak..but i dont see any??!!Or maybe i did not notice…

Next stop… SEDILI SEAFOOD!! Eh, can take ferry from changi jetty, real or not?Is this the location?

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  1. yup putri.. they hv the best nasi lemak there.. it’s in the same area tht u had been to, but it’s the lonely restaurant on ur right most..

  2. I’ve been to Tanjung Sutera.. just drop by on our way to Kuantan.. very quiet place.. didn’t see any seafood restaurant there.. the drive into the place is very very far n quiet n eery.. u hv to drive into the palm plantation.. it’s best to go with few cars..

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