Muslims in China..

150 million muslim in China?
There was a hadith from our Prophet saying that we should strive for education even though we have to travel to china..something like that..”Tuntutlah ilmu hingga ke negeri cina” and one of my dream is to travel to china…

I was amazed at the Chinese muslims who actually speaks Arabic as their first language So fluent!! (Saw it at some discovery channel) I wished I was like that! And the way they recite the Holy Quran, one can weep. So melodiously….

In fact anyone from any countries , if u noticed that when they speak, there is a certain accent but when they recite the Holy Quran fluently, suddenly they were transformed into arab people cause u can never detect the accent from their recitation. Its like an arab man reciting the Holy Quran… subhanallah…

Just to share some info…
halal food in china : (photos)
Beijing info page : Read from the hearts testimonials and Join this tour!! More info ? Everyday journal , example itinerary and photo slide show of this travel agency.
Or u can join local tour agencies like Halijah,Shahidah or TMfouzy….or CTC holidays

view youtube video on muslims in china

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1 thought on “Muslims in China..”

  1. Hi Putri!
    Loved what you’re doing here – your food excapades!
    I strongly recommend everyone to visit the Muslims in China, especially those in the rural areas. Makes you appreciate what you’ve got here in S’pore. Had the opportunity to visit Yunnan 2 Aidiladhas ago with Sister Mariah Mah ( and was really touched by what I see there!

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