McGriddles Breakfast…

What is McGriddles? Click here to know more… This is the current promotion in McDonalds Fast-food restaurants.

When I first tasted it, it tasted like sausage mcmuffin with egg +hotcakes with maple syrup injected… I dont really like it. But my friend who ate it piping hot from McDOnalds (cos mine is ta-powed) said that it is GOOD!

A misture of sweetness and saltishness? Err..I prefer mine separate, thank you. But the western world seems to like it, they started this since 2003.

But what I missed badly is SAMURAI burger…its been ages since i ate them! Where are they, anyway?!!Retired and went back to Japan….? Hmmm…..

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2 thoughts on “McGriddles Breakfast…”

  1. hi there

    i tried this .. and one bite was all i managed .. it was too sweet for my liking .. i prefer the normal muffin!

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