Late supper…

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak
Location: Boon Lay Place food village
opens from 10am-3am

I was there around 12am. See the queue? Got to wait about 20mins….
To see more pics of the shops and queue, click here

Read more about them here!

Ok, I admit that my favourite nasi lemak is in Malaysia but this one …is pretty good for Singapore standard. I missed the golden shoe indian muslim nasi lemak with fried chicken thigh which cost only $2. I went last year and failed to find them. Either they relocate or retire. Anyone has any idea?

Anyway, always wanted to see for myself the crowd for this nasi lemak. I was there thruout 40mins watching the queue. It doesnt seem to be shorten but instead, it gets longer as time goes Where did these people come from? Night shift? Or perhaps..just another place to hangout and relax..I saw many people “ta-pow” home many packets..

Ok, so how is the nasi lemak??

I like the rice, Very fragrant and the chicken is well marinated and crispy and well-cooked. (i dont like to see any bloody remains).The sambal is nice. All goes harmoniously well with my it! Err…I think this is better than Changi nasi lemak. But then again,my tongue can be very “fickle”…so best to try it yourself!! (fyi-this set is $4.50-consist of potato cutlet(begedil)+fish otah+egg+fried chicken thigh)

Eating there is much better than ta-pow cos eat while its hot and fresh from the wok. Now, I’m a bit addicted. Felt like eating again….those yummy chicken thighs and such fragrant rice! Will come back for more…heheh!

See them on VIDEO!! (film by SANIF OLEK)

fyi-they have a new branch at SQUARE 2#B1-125 (Novena)

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