Malaysia restaurant in Germany

Recently, someone from my food forum , went to dine in this restaurant in Germany. He said the food is HALAL and its very YUMMY!! Was given the link (Thks Mr Schroder!)

AMY’s Malaysia restaurant

2 Gehminuten vom
Open 5pm-12pm (except monday)

The menu that they have is tahu sumbat (stuffed tofu), sup kambing (mutton soup), sup wantan (wantan soup),satay,gado-gado,nasi itik (duck rice), roti canai (prata), papadam (indian cracker),bubur hitam (black glutinuous rice dessert),pisang goreng (fried bananas),udang raja (king prawns),murtabak ,makan campur (satay+lompia+wantan),sotong goreng (fried cuttlefish) ….WOW! If u miss malay food in germany, they have it! (in german language)

P.s: Ooops..I was surfing the german site when I stumbled upon the english site and saw that they served alcohol… (In english)

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2 thoughts on “Malaysia restaurant in Germany”

  1. Dear Putri,

    just stumbled over your nice website and found more Malaysian restaurant in Germany!

    For your information there are two more Malaysian restaurants, one in Munich and one near Cologne. The links I found in Amy’s Malaysia website on the link page:

    Weitere malaysische Restaurants in Deutschland:
    KÖLN Rasa Malaysia
    MÜNCHEN Champor


    I think they are authentic but not halal. In Germany most restaurants offer alcohol for the German customer. Other halal restaurants exist like Turkish or Arab and most of them offer alcoholic drinks too.

    Anyway, I hope your readers find my info helpful.

    Thank you


  2. Dear Harimau,

    where can I find this Rasa Malaysia Restaurant in Cologne, Germany? It think its not situated in Cologne City but must be somewhere around in the near of Cologne City? Please can you tell me specifically where it is situated? Thanks in advance!!!

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