Putri will MIA for a while…

Will be missing in action ..but keep those positive comments rolling in!

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1 thought on “Putri will MIA for a while…”

  1. Hey Putri!
    First, I must thank you for introducing us, Muslim Community, to a huge array of Hala Food. We owe you one. YOU ROCK TO THE CORE BABE!
    Ok, to get serious. Want to introduce you to a good breakfast/lunch at Kaki Bukit, Techlink Kopitiam. Apparently the owner owns both the Nasi Padang and Noodles stall. The price is reasonable and I have to say it’s good. They cater to the working people around the area so slightly before lunch will be a good time to eat.
    Maybe you can try and do a coverage on that. Dah macam kita punya malay community makan journalist!
    Enjoy your food!

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